/Rand Paul Introduces Bill To Abolish Forced Unionism Nationwide
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Rand Paul Introduces Bill To Abolish Forced Unionism Nationwide

Americans across the United States could no longer be forced to pay union dues to get or keep a job, under legislation filed by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY.)

Paul reintroduced the National Right to Work Act, which “repeals six statutory provisions that allow private-sector workers, and airline and railroad employees, to be fired if they don’t surrender part of their paycheck to a union.”

Twenty-seven states have Right-to-Work laws, and largely economically outperform states with forced unionism.  Unions are still allowed and often flourish, in Right-to-Work states, as they need to justify membership.

The bill currently has 21 Senate cosponsors.  U.S. Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC-2) reintroduced the same bill in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“The National Right-to-Work Act ensures all American workers have the ability to choose to refrain from joining or paying dues to a union as a condition for employment,” said Dr. Paul. “Kentucky and 26 other states have already passed right-to-work laws. It’s time for the federal government to follow their lead.”

“Every American and their employer should have the power to negotiate the terms of their employment, and no American should be forced to pay union dues or ‘fees’ just to get or keep a job,” said Wilson.

“South Carolina is a right-to-work state, and we have seen tremendous economic growth by expanding economic freedom for our businesses. We must continue to work towards promoting job creation and ending automatic unionism for the American people. 80% of people in our country support putting an end to dues as a condition of employment. I am grateful to stand alongside my colleagues to offer protections for workers and their employers,” said Wilson.

“In the 23 non-Right to Work states, union bosses can take money directly out of workers’ paychecks, even if the workers do not want, and never asked for their so-called ‘representation.’ The National Right-to-Work Act outlaws forced union dues, and ensures that union membership and dues payment is a voluntary choice. We’re grateful that Senator Paul is again sponsoring this important legislation,” said Mark Mix, National Right-to-Work Committee President.