/Potential New Vaccine – This Time For The Birds?

Potential New Vaccine – This Time For The Birds?

A new wave of vaccines could be hitting the country soon, though this time they might not be for humans. The country has been plagued with terrible egg prices, so you may know it’s due to the bird flu outbreak. Though to eliminate the transmission of bird flu to humans and to put an end to the rising egg prices many experts are now suggesting we immunize the birds.

According to the New York Times, the bird flu outbreak began early last year and is the biggest outbreak we have seen in the nation’s history. This string of H5N1 has affected 58 million farmed birds in 47 states and wild birds and has now started infecting mammals. Though it is said the H5N1 strand could soon mutate and begin spreading to people much more easily.

While the CDC has said the risk of a pandemic is low, and that there isn’t much of a worry in the virus’s current state – the virus has infected people elsewhere in the world, even killing an 11-year-old girl in Cambodia. This strand has been confirmed to be different from the one plaguing the US though may worry the US strand could develop.

However, many are now suggesting we immunize our birds here in America to stop the virus in its tracks. Simply put – this is scary. As you may have seen last week, some states are starting to put limits on blood donation for those who received the COVID-19 vaccine, so can you, with certainty, say that this potential vaccine couldn’t be carried over to us, and harm us, through eating chicken? On top of that the virus has already been sent to drug manufacturers, similar to those used to create the COVID-19 vaccine, to create a potential vaccine if deemed necessary.

What are your thoughts on a vaccinated bird army? How do you feel about the potential of eating a potential bird vaccine?