/‘Social Credit Score Is Real’: Donald Trump Jr. Responds to PNC Bank CANCELLING Him
At CPAC, Donald Trump Jr. responds to PNC Bank cancelling him. Pop Acta/Erin Thielman

‘Social Credit Score Is Real’: Donald Trump Jr. Responds to PNC Bank CANCELLING Him

“The social credit score is real. If they can do this to me, they can do this to anyone. I will fight against that.” – Donald Trump Jr.

News broke yesterday that PNC Bank CANCELLED Donald Trump Jr. without any notice. It was just as much breaking news to the world as it was breaking news to Don Jr. There was no notice, no reason, no phone call. Nothing. His accounts were zeroed out. A cashier’s check was mailed. Could PNC Bank’s ESQ score have something to do with this? Read on to find out.

Fox News reported the details: PNC Financial Services Group Inc. abruptly terminated its business relationship with the news aggregation app company launched last year by Donald Trump Jr. and former Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, Fox News Digital has learned, which the company called the latest move by “woke corporations” to silence conservatives.

MxM News was founded and launched last year by Trump Jr. and Budowich to compete with apps that aggregate news content for readers, like Apple News, Google News and others that conservatives have accused of censorship. The parent company of MxM News is ROCDIGITAL, LLC.

Budowich told Fox News Digital that he first learned of the abrupt closure of the company’s PNC account when he visited a Florida branch office to pay vendor invoices.

At CPAC on Friday, Donald Trump Jr. responded to PNC Bank cancelling him. Budowich initially thought that the operating account for their business had been hacked. He quickly learned that PNC Bank cancelled the account with no notice, no phone call, no explanation. “If they can do it to me, who won’t they do it to?” Don Jr. remarked about how Speaker McCarthy tweeted a response that he was baffled at PNC Bank. Don Jr. next brought up the issue of the social credit score.

PNC Bank has its social ESQ scores posted online. Could they have cancelled Donald Trump Jr. just because of his NAME?? Insanity. Don Jr. said, “It’s not a matter of IF this will happen to YOU, but WHEN. The social credit score is real.”