/AOC Says Bad Economy Is Due To “Trump Tax Cuts”

AOC Says Bad Economy Is Due To “Trump Tax Cuts”

Despite Democrats having been in control of congress for two years, “Donald Trump” is still their go-to answer when questioned about why the economy continues to do poorly. Alexandria Osasio-Cortez was asked by a reporter about why the economy continues to not have the improvements it needs to make, and if she thinks the “Democrats have spent too much money?” Her answer was right on cue.

“Democrats have been in charge for the past two years; do you think Democrats have spent too much money?” the reporter asked.

“I think the largest contributor to the debt ceiling, to our deficit, has been the Trump tax cuts,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

“Trump tax cuts” is just the modern version of blaming “Reaganomics.” While it’s easy to look at the one thing during a presidency that is disliked by the Democratic party, their endless passing of billions upon billions of dollars to support an endless war effort in Ukraine is money that is pouring out of our economy. “Trumped up trickle down economics” isn’t the issue, the issue is mass overspending by the government as a whole.

According to The Daily Wire:

Trump presided over federal budget deficits ranging between $665 billion and $984 billion ahead of the lockdown-induced recession, during which the deficit rose to $3.1 trillion in fiscal year 2020 as a result of stimulus measures such as the CARES Act, according to data from the Office of Management and Budget. Biden oversaw a $2.8 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2021, largely due to the passage of his American Rescue Plan. Though the commander-in-chief has repeatedly asserted that he has successfully reduced the budget deficit, the shortfall of $1.4 trillion in fiscal year 2022 significantly exceeds the deficits witnessed before the recession.

While Presidents tend to overspend at times, Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed bill, the “Green New Deal,” an environmentally friendly bill that was largely unknown in content and had no clearly defined action, somehow was projected to coat a whopping $51 to $93 trillion on the American taxpayer, all over the course of just one decade.

Despite only being President for two years, our national debt has grown by $3.8 trillion under President Biden, and much of this spending is due to unnecessary COVID-19 response packages now two years after the initial peak of the virus.