/California Drought Push Grocery Prices Even Higher

California Drought Push Grocery Prices Even Higher

California’s summer drought is now affecting grocery prices. High temperatures are making it difficult to grow tomatoes, one of the biggest crops in the Golden State. With grocery prices already at record highs, this will add even more misery for consumers across the country. Lack of water is the main reason for the inability to grow tomatoes resulting in production falling off significantly. California produces 95% of the nation’s tomatoes and 35% of the global supply.

California State Board of Food and Agriculture president, Don Cameron, told Reuters, “There’s just not enough water to grow everything that we normally grow.” Production is expected to continue its downward path in coming months and the projection for total tomato output for the state has been reduced by 2.5 million for the year.

The state is now in its driest three year period on record as the entire southwest continues to fight a megadrought.