/Political Ad Spending Soars for Midterms

Political Ad Spending Soars for Midterms

A top advertising-industry observer projects political ad spending during the current two-year election cycle will more than double as compared with the 2018 midterms and even exceed dollars spent in 2020 when the White House was in play.

AdImpact, a company based just outside Washington, says in a report that total spending is on pace to reach close to $9.7 billion. That compares with about $4 billion in the 2018 cycle and about $9 billion in the 2020 cycle, it said.

The figures include spending on broadcast, cable, satellite and streaming television, as well as on radio and online. They include races for Congress, governorships and other down-ballot contests and aren’t inflation-adjusted.

“An increasingly polarized electorate and easily accessible online fundraising tools have been major factors propelling this surge in spending,” the report says. “It no longer takes a presidential ticket at the top of the ballot to push a cycle near the $10 billion threshold.”

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