/Ford to Fine Dealers $25,000 for Selling F-150 Lightning ‘Mannequins’ Too Soon
Dana60Cummins, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ford to Fine Dealers $25,000 for Selling F-150 Lightning ‘Mannequins’ Too Soon

Ford is hoping its dealers sell a lot of the electric F-150 Lightning pickups that are on the way to their showrooms now, but not all of them.

The automaker has set up a special program that gives stores that opt in early access to F-150 Lightning demo trucks, or “mannequins” as they are referred to in the business, to use for test drives and to help promote the milestone model.

According to a notice sent to dealers that was posted to the F150 Lightning Forums website, the program includes increasing incentive payments for keeping the vehicles in service for up to six months and one big disincentive if they decide to sell it before then.

Dealers who choose to do so and can’t replace the truck with another demo within 90 days face a $25,000 penalty, forfeiture of all incentives related to the vehicle and exclusion from future mannequin programs.

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