/New Years Travel Turns to Chaos

New Years Travel Turns to Chaos

Thousands of flights were canceled across the U.S. again Sunday as bad weather and the omicron variant of the coronavirus continue to impact airline operations.

Sunday saw more than 2,100 flights canceled across the U.S. on the final day of the holiday travel season before many Americans return to work for the new year Monday, according to FlightAware. That follows the some 2,700 flights that were canceled on Saturday, which was New Year’s Day.

“Weather and heavy seasonal traffic are likely to result in some travel delays in the coming days,” an FAA spokeswoman told FOX Business Sunday. “Like the rest of the U.S. population, an increased number of FAA employees have tested positive for COVID-19. To maintain safety, traffic volume at some facilities could be reduced, which might result in delays during busy periods.”

Chicago’s O’Hare saw the most cancellations Sunday, as some 517 flights heading into and leaving the Windy City combined were grounded.

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