/Psaki and Pelosi at Odds on $3.5 Trillion Budget

Psaki and Pelosi at Odds on $3.5 Trillion Budget

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki contradicted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s assessment of how much of the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package will add to the debt, saying the entire package “is going to be paid for.”

“This is going to be paid for,” Psaki said during Wednesday’s press briefing when asked about negotiations over the size of the reconciliation package. “That is something the president is committed to, something Senator Manchin has called for as well. The real choice right now is whether you’re going to lower costs for people in this country on elder care, child care, cost of college, or whether you’re going to allow the wealthiest Americans and corporations to continue to pay the tax rates that are hardly fair moving forward.”

But those comments seemingly contradicted Pelosi, who said earlier Wednesday that “maybe” all of the package could be paid for without adding to the debt. “We will pay for more than half maybe all of the legislation,” Pelosi said. “We will be taking some responsibility to pay for what is in there so the cost for the future will be much lower than any 3.5.”

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