/Biden’s New $3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Includes Massive Tax Hikes

Biden’s New $3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Includes Massive Tax Hikes

President Biden is set to unveil another massive massive bill and Macro Trends Advisors founding partner Mitch Roschelle says that Biden’s proposed hike on taxes will surely hurt every American.

It’s a colossal lie to say that we’re only taxing the rich. The fact of the matter is the rich do in fact pay the bulk of the taxes in America. But if we raise corporate taxes, we raise payroll taxes, we take away the benefit put forward by the Trump administration for small businesses on pass-through entities. All of these are going to trickle down to workers. It’s going to trickle through the entire economy and stall whatever economic growth we have on the horizon. So the fact of the matter is, when you say that you’re just taxing the rich, you’re actually taking away prosperity and you’re taking away job creation, which has the impact of hurting basically every taxpayer.

Let’s look at what they’re talking about right now, the basis step-up, and let’s look at the historical perspective of why it even exists. You have folks who own farms in their family for generations, and if the owner of the farm dies, now all of a sudden the heirs have to sell the farm — the thing that gives income and wealth to the family — just to pay the tax bill. So the basis step-up, which they’re looking at eliminating is the thing that really has preserved wealth in families for generations. Now the government wants to take it away.

Even if we tax the top 5% of taxpayers in America who currently pay $900 billion of taxes and we increase their taxes considerably, it’s still not enough to pay for a $3 trillion infrastructure plan. So we can’t tax our way to spend $3 trillion on infrastructure and whatever else will be in that measure. 

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