/Tips to Cut Costs at the Pump While Gas Prices Climb

Tips to Cut Costs at the Pump While Gas Prices Climb

Americans have already noticed that gas prices have been trending upwards over the past two months. The trend kicked into overdrive when a historic winter storm hit Texas a few weeks ago. However, though the Lone Star state is recovering gas prices are continuing to climb.

Here are some simple tips to help cut down on costs at the gas pump as experts say Americans can expect to see the trend to continue well into the summer and beyond.

For starters, shop around. Depending on where you live, there can be big price swings between gas stations. And even if the difference in price per gallon may only be a few pennies, it still adds up.

Additionally, there are apps — including GasBuddy, Gas Guru and AAA TripTik — you can use to find the best prices along your route.

It’s also worth looking into loyalty programs, which many major chains have. They generally are free and can offer cents-per-gallon discounts, De Haan said.

However, credit cards that offer discounts for gas purchases might not be the best option unless you routinely pay off the card’s balance.

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