/The Most Affordable Cities to Buy Homes

The Most Affordable Cities to Buy Homes

Buying a home is no small feat and it’s natural to want to get the most bang for your buck. It’s no secret that the cost of living in New York City is considerably more than that in Texas. This list shows you some of America’s most affordable cities to buy a home.

Detroit, Michigan

The city has the most affordable houses on the market with the median listing price in 2020 sitting around $59,000, according to Forbes.

Cleaveland, Ohio

Cleveland residents get paid slightly higher compared to Detroit, with a median average salary of $47,268. However, the median listing price for homes is more than double than Detroit, sitting around $140,000.

Toledo, Ohio

The median salary in Toledo is about $37,220. Although the average salary is less than Cleveland, the average home price is also lower.

Memphis, Tennessee

The median salary in Memphis, otherwise known as the home of the blues and birthplace of rock and roll, is about $38,949. Comparatively, the median listing price for homes is around $123,000 and the median annual real estate taxes are $1,658.

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