/Researchers Predict Working From Home to Last Long After Pandemic

Researchers Predict Working From Home to Last Long After Pandemic

Many Americans have been forced to adjust to working from their homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While some have enjoyed it and even seen a rise in productivity levels many others have been left hoping they’ll be returning to the office soon. If you enjoy working from home you may be in luck, a recent study has found that many companies will continue working from home long after the Coronavirus pandemic threat has ended.

“Our survey evidence says that 22 percent of all full work days will be supplied from home after the pandemic ends, compared with just 5 percent before,” the report said, noting that the 22 percent of all paid days equals to about one full day per week.

According to the researchers, working remotely has attracted tremendous interest during the pandemic, but there’s a lack of consensus among company executives about how well it worked. There’s a wide range of views from extremely negative to extremely positive.

Based on the evidence they gathered, they identified five factors behind the persistent shift toward working from home. And one of them is diminished stigma, which means that perceptions of working from home have improved during the pandemic.

The study also revealed that the experience has been positive and better than expected for many companies and workers. The other factors include investments in physical and human capital enabling working from home, a reluctance to return to prepandemic activities even after a vaccine, and improvement in technology and software that support working from home

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