/Starbucks is Giving Raises to Every U.S. Employee

Starbucks is Giving Raises to Every U.S. Employee

Starbucks has confirmed plans to give every in-store employee a raise before the end of the year. All baristas, cafe attendants, and supervisors can expect to receive at least a 10% increase, and those who have worked with Starbucks for over three years can expect at least an 11% increase. Also, all employee start rates will see an increase of at least 5%.

“For nearly 50 years, Starbucks has been a leader in providing relevant, industry-leading benefits and a total compensation approach that is best-in-class for both part and full-time employees,” a Starbucks spokesperson said in a statement. “Continuing in that tradition, this announcement is the next phase of its commitment to ensuring the well-being of partners with one of the most significant investments to hourly pay in the U.S. in the history of the company.”

The pay bump is the latest effort made by Starbucks to offer support and comprehensive care to its employees impacted by COVID-19.

In addition to existing benefits such as sick pay and personal time off, the company paid all partners catastrophe pay earlier this year through May 3, even if they chose to stay home due to safety concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic. That benefit was then extended for partners who had been diagnosed or were exposed to COVID-19 through May 31 to allow them to stay home and self-isolate. Starbucks has also extended its COVID-19 leave of absence policy through March 2021, while allowing employees to keep existing benefits.

The company has also made hardship grants available to partners struggling financially through the company’s CUP Fund and offered transfers to other locations for those impacted by adjusted hours of operation, modifications to operations, or temporary closures due to the pandemic.

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