/Tips to Maximize Your Health Insurance

Tips to Maximize Your Health Insurance

For many employees open enrollment is underway and runs through December. While the U.S. is still amid the Coronavirus pandemic employer-sponsored health insurance is a benefit employees do not want to take for granted. Over the past year the pandemic has put a lot in perspective for employees, here are things to look out for when it comes to your health benefits:

1. Health insurance

For starters, consider what your health coverage costs you now that premiums and deductibles have been going up.

2. Health savings accounts

One way to help with health-care costs is to use tax-advantaged accounts for medical expenses — specifically, health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts.

3. Life insurance

Consider what’s the right amount for you, then weigh whether you want to buy additional coverage, or supplemental insurance, through your workplace group plan or shop for your own individual term life insurance policy, a move many advisors recommend.

4. Wellness resources

Many companies have begun to include mental health services among health-care coverage options, as well as offerings such as teletherapy to help employees deal with work-life stressors and personal issues.

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