/FDA Approves First Drug to Treat COVID-19

FDA Approves First Drug to Treat COVID-19

The Food and Drug Administration approved remdesivir as a Coronavirus treatment for hospitalized Coronavirus patients, according to Gilead Sciences the biopharmaceutical company. This is the first drug to be approved by the FDA to directly combat COVID-19.

The drug was previously granted an emergency use authorization in May, which allowed healthcare providers to administer the treatment even though it wasn’t formally approved by the FDA.

Remdesivir, which is sold under the brand name Veklury “should only be administered in a hospital or in a healthcare setting capable of providing acute care comparable to inpatient hospital care,” Gilead said.

The drug is approved for adults and children 12 and older weighing at least 40 kg for coronavirus treatment requiring hospitalization.

“It is incredible to be in the position today, less than one year since the earliest case reports of the disease now known as COVID-19, of having an FDA-approved treatment in the U.S. that is available for all appropriate patients in need,” said Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day in a statement.

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