/Four Steps to Avoid Medical Debt
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Four Steps to Avoid Medical Debt

Taking a few minutes to ask for insurance codes associated with procedures your doctor recommends or mapping out the nearest ERs that are in-network goes a long way to minimize the possibility of surprise medical expenses.

There are other steps you can take, too. A few minutes of work now could save you substantially in the long haul. (grow.acorns.com)

3. Learn about ER policies for contractors

Contractors may not be in-network, even if the hospital is. When you are doing those regular checks with your insurance company, do some additional due diligence. Get a breakdown of which medical professionals, who could be involved in an emergency situation, have their own additional fees. 

With that information in hand, in the event you need medical attention, depending on the urgency of the situation, you can ask to see another provider who is in-network who might work on a different schedule, or look into other hospital options.

4. Have a health-care advocate

It can be difficult to pay attention to procedure and cost details when you’re in the midst of a high stress situation. A good way to make sure you aren’t surprised by a bill on the other side is to ask a person you trust, whether it’s a friend or family member, to act as your health advocate.