/Major Breakthrough in Battery Technology?
Oleg Alexandrov via Wikimedia Commons

Major Breakthrough in Battery Technology?

The most advanced lithium-ion battery packs today have a range of 300 miles. 

But that could soon change, at least according to hints from Elon Musk. (Autoweek)

A month ahead of its eagerly anticipated Battery Day event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sparked speculation with hints of new battery tech that could drastically improve the energy density of current batteries used in EVs, allowing for much longer ranges with the same general exterior dimensions and perhaps a lighter weight—two of the main limiting factors in today’s EVs.

One clue to what the EV maker could have in store for a Sept. 22 reveal was shown on its own website announcing the event, leading some to speculate about a specific type of technology that Tesla and its research partners could be working on. The image on Tesla’s site displayed a background with a series of vertical filaments, prompting some to suggest Tesla could be researching silicon nanowire battery technology.

Elon Musk invited even more speculation on Monday this week, with a tweet suggesting batteries with far greater energy density were not too far on the horizon.

“400 Wh/kg *with* high cycle life, produced in volume (not just a lab) is not far. Probably 3 to 4 years,” Musk tweeted.