/How to Get More Money From Your Job, Even Now

How to Get More Money From Your Job, Even Now

People in need of a quick influx of cash often consider drastic measures, like tapping into their retirement account.

But there are far more judicious ways to bring home the bacon (cnbc.com).

There are ways to cut costs and bring in more money that may be right under your nose. It may be in the form of employer benefits, money saved by telecommuting or even asking for more pay — yes, even in this environment.

First, take your pre-Covid-19 job description and evaluate how your position has changed since.

“You have probably taken on way, way more responsibilities,” said Jaras, author of “Know Your Worth, Get Your Worth” and host of the podcast, Her Career Talk.

Take a “red marker” to that job description and underline everything that has changed and note how you have “stepped up your game during these uncertain times,” she said.

Don’t forget to do the necessary market research to determine what your experience is worth! Chances are, it’s more than you’re getting paid.