/Apple Reveals Major Technological Changes

Apple Reveals Major Technological Changes

Apple has revealed the changes it has in store for the next iteration of its devices.

Perhaps most notably, Apple is ditching Intel chips in place of its own. (CNBC)

Apple said the transition from Intel will enable the company to offer faster performance on its laptops and desktops.

Apple also introduced iOS 14, the latest version of the iPhone software, which includes updates such as the ability to set a default mail app or browser app, a redesigned home screen, and new lightweight software programs called “App Clips.” 

The new software was announced in a prerecorded video filmed at Apple’s campus. Apple CEO Tim Cook acted as a master of ceremonies, briefly introducing Apple employees to present new features. Apple’s WWDC conference is being held remotely this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In recent years, Apple has gathered 6,000 developers in San Jose, California, but this year, it is distributing videos and setting up calls instead of an in-person conference. 

Before the presentation started, Cook addressed the current protests against racism including a mention of Apple’s $100 million program to fight racial injustice.