/Precautions to Take If You Fly During the Pandemic

Precautions to Take If You Fly During the Pandemic

Airlines and the TSA are implementing new policies to limit the spread of coronavirus. 

Here’s what you need to know. (CNBC)

Memorial Day kicks off what is normally the busiest season for airlines, when airports are bustling and flights are often sold out. An uptick is occurring again this year, but the impact of the virus continues to keep demand far from usual levels.

The Transportation Security Administration said 348,673 people passed through security checkpoints at U.S. airports on Friday. That’s the highest in just over two months and more than three times the number of people from a month ago, but down 88% compared with the same day last year.

Airlines have scrambled to adapt to the new environment. The plunge in demand sapped them of revenue. Losing money for the first time in years, U.S. airlines have idled thousands of planes and slashed flights, in some destinations by around 90% of the norm, in a bid to reduce their cash burn. That means more connecting flights for many travelers used to the convenience of non-stops.

They have also implemented a number of new measures aimed at reducing contact between travelers, crews and other airport workers, an effort to ease concerns about the spread of Covid-19 during travel. Even aircraft manufacturer Boeing earlier this month announced a “Confident Travel” initiative to weigh new technology like ultraviolet light disinfecting systems that can help reduce the transmission of pathogens on board.

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