/Don’t Fall for These Stimulus Check Scams

Don’t Fall for These Stimulus Check Scams

Unscrupulous figures are eagerly waiting to take your stimulus check. 

Like crocodiles lying in ambush as a heard of wildebeest nears, they’re looking for the first sign you’re about to slip up.

Here’s how to recognize the warning signs.


And according to Adam Levin, co-founder of Credit.com and founder of CyberScout, that’s exactly why hackers and scammers across the globe are gearing up to target the millions of Americans receiving their coronavirus stimulus checks this month.  

Levin says that scammers are calling, texting and emailing Americans with offers to expedite or increase their stimulus checks. He also warns that the schemes aren’t only designed to steal your one-time windfall. Many thieves have more long-term goals in mind.  

“They’re looking to get sensitive personal information. They’re looking to get financial information. And in particular, they’re zeroing in on trying to get your Social Security number, which is the skeleton key to your life,” Levin says.