/Apps Every Baby Boomer Should Have

Apps Every Baby Boomer Should Have

Since their debut a decade ago, smartphones have revolutionized how we live our lives. Today, a seemingly infinite array of apps can help us be more practical, healthy, and mindful.

Here’s a list of ten best apps for Baby Boomers looking to get the most out of life.

Per Mashable:

1. Edaman

Most recipe finders are optimized for browsers and a PC. Edamam was designed to be mobile from the onset. Boomers will like the highly visual presentation (looks like Pinterest) and the fact that the recipes come from hundreds of aggregated and curated recipe publishers.

2. Flashlight

Of all the apps I use, Flashlight has been the constant lifesaver. When you press the Flashlight button it turns your phone’s camera flash into a flashlight. Handy for dark doorways, locked cars, dimly-lit restaurants and misplaced earring backs. It’s a must.

3. Find My Car

Find My Car is my revenge for all the times I’ve searched parking garages for my car (make that double for rental cars). You can enter your car’s parking space using the phone’s GPS coordinates, taking a photo of your car in its place or just typing a little note like “Parked on 100th St. Feed meter in 2 hours.” When it’s time to find your car, just hit the “Find My Car” button. It’ll even navigate you there (provided you’ve got GPS coverage.)

4. Life360

Life360 : If you find yourself manning the whereabouts of a far flung family, you might want to use this. You invite family members to join (my son was the laggard in accepting.) If they have their phones turned on and their GPS active you can see their whereabouts on a map. Once you see them you can check in via text — “How was the test?” or “Greetings from Sunny Italy” — or even have a chat. Think of it as your own private family network locator.

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