/Congress Made It Easier to Avoid the Taxman

Congress Made It Easier to Avoid the Taxman

Surprisingly, Congress has made it easier to avoid the IRS.

The Legislative Branch has done so by slashing the department’s budget relative to the cost of inflation. In total, IRS appropriations have decreased by 20% since the fiscal year 2010. (CNBC)

Every budget cycle, members of Congress solemnly promise to better fund the Internal Revenue Service so it can do its job of collecting taxes and serving the taxpayer. And once again, Congress has done the opposite.

According to an analysis by Robert Weinberger of the Tax Policy Center, the fiscal 2020 budget Congress passed last month continues the inflation-adjusted decline in IRS funding over the past 20 years.

Overall funding to the IRS was $11.5 billion, up 1.8% from the previous year. But when inflation is factored in, the budget represents a reduction — and almost all of the added funding will go to a mandated pay increase for existing staffers. In total, IRS funding has declined by more than 20% since 2010, factoring for inflation.

“This year’s IRS appropriation is just more of what we’ve seen over a decade of decline,” Weinberger said in the report.