/Bernie Targets Amazon

Bernie Targets Amazon

Senator and White House hopeful Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is tapping Amazon employees to “snitch” on the company’s record on climate change.

The Sanders campaign released a video Monday featuring two Amazon employees Marne Costa and Emily Cunningham, who are among a growing number of Amazon employees who are calling for the multinational technology company to develop a climate change plan. (CNBC)

The two-minute video was posted to Sanders’ Senate Twitter account on Monday and features Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, both of whom are user experience designers. In it, Cunningham and Costa discuss how they’ve faced retaliation from Amazon for calling out the company’s climate policies. The video does not appear to be part of Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Sanders repeated his calls for Bezos to exit the “business of fossil fuel extraction” and expressed his support for the employees’ “grassroots movement.”

Costa is one of at least two employees Amazon has threatened to fire for speaking out to the press. Cunningham was called into a meeting with Amazon representatives and told that she had violated the company’s external communications policy for speaking to the press and posting on social media about Amazon’s climate stance.

Both of them are members of Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, an advocacy group that has urged Amazon to develop a comprehensive climate change plan, among other environmental initiatives. Last April, the group published a letter that urged Amazon to transition away from fossil fuels, which was signed by more than 8,700 employees. Cunningham also presented the group’s climate change proposal at Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting in May 2019.