/You Should Get This Much Sleep. What Happens When You Don’t.

You Should Get This Much Sleep. What Happens When You Don’t.

We’re all supposed to get roughly eight hours of sleep per night, but the realities of everyday life tend to interrupt that ideal schedule.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Whether it’s stress, a busy lifestyle, or something else eating into those hours when you should be resting, eight hours of shut-eye are difficult to achieve. It might mean sacrificing time spent exercising, cooking, socializing, or playing with your kids — just to spend time asleep.

The truth, however, is that sleep is as essential to good health as eating right and exercising. Sleep is arguably the most important component of a healthy life because, without it, everything else crumbles.

In fact, there are a number of studies that conclude the more sleep you get, the longer you will live. So what happens when you skimp on those eight hours and try to function on six or even fewer?

Not sleeping enough prevents your body from repairing itself. You may notice that your colds linger a little longer than they should, which might not seem too horrible. On the inside, however, your blood vessels aren’t healing, so your risk for cardiovascular disease increases, even if you’re eating right and exercising.

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