/Never Buy These Things New

Never Buy These Things New

We all feel the urge to have new things. But that doesn’t mean it’s always prudent to splurge on the latest and greatest name-brand products.

There are plenty of items you can buy secondhand, and the savings will blow you away. (CNBC.com)

Here are five categories of stuff you should definitely not buy new. The money you save can be a much-needed infusion to your emergency fund or a boost to an investment account.

1. Save a bunch on your ride

New cars are for people who are either really rich or who shrug at the cost and feel it’s worth it. For most people, the savings realized from buying pre-owned (if that sounds nicer to you than “used”) is so substantial as to overcome any hesitation.

One strategy: Look at cars that are nearly new, with a late model year and low mileage.

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