/How Much Should You Invest Right Now

How Much Should You Invest Right Now

Have you ever wondered how much you’ll need to invest every month to retire with $3 million?

Three million may sound like a lot of money, and for the one-quarter of Americans with less than $5,000 set aside for retirement, saving that much may seem impossible.

Fortunately, CNBC’s Robert Exley Jr. and Noah Higgins-Dunn have some good news. (CNBC)

But what if you could retire with $3 million by the time you were 67? The good news is that it is possible with persistent monthly saving, regardless of your age when you start saving.

Personal finance site NerdWallet crunched the numbers, broken down by age group, to demonstrate how much you’ll need to stash away every month.

First, let’s go over how they got there. The math assumes you are starting with no money in savings, that your investments will earn 6% annually and that you retire at age 67.

You will need to take advantage of tools like your employer’s 401(k), which is a tax-advantaged retirement savings account, or a Roth individual retirement account or traditional IRA. Investment options include low-cost index funds.

To dive into the figures further, continue reading at CNBC.