/How Much Do the Fastest-Growing Jobs in America Pay

How Much Do the Fastest-Growing Jobs in America Pay

In an age when career mobility has become more pertinent and more workers than ever are thinking about switching careers, it’s worth considering what jobs are expanding and how much they pay. (Grow)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently identified the occupations that will have the most new job openings through 2028. Here are the top five fields that are projected to have the most new opportunities, and some of the jobs that experts say have the potential for high earnings.

5. Education, training, and library

This category includes: High school and college teachers, museum workers, librarians, and instructional coordinators, among other jobs.

Job with growth potential: College-level educators can earn a median salary of $78,470 per year, and the BLS projects that business teachers in particular have some of the best opportunities in this category. Professors need a master’s degree, at least, to educate university students, and the BLS says it’s typical to also have a Ph.D.

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