/Winning Strategies for Investing in a Bear Market

Winning Strategies for Investing in a Bear Market

Stocks inevitably fluctuate. While many investors view the market’s natural ebb and flow with dread, some, like Carrie Piaskowski, see it as a prime opportunity to go on a buying spree.

Perhaps you should, too. (CNBC)

Every extra penny she had went right into stocks. At the time, she was working for ING Direct (now Capital One 360) in customer service. It wasn’t the easiest time to work for a brokerage, taking orders, she says, but she told people, “If you liked SPY [SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust] at $103, you should love it at $83.”

Piaskowski, an IT manager in Exton, Pennsylvania, says she is fortunate she learned so much about finance while working for ING. She was under 30, and when the recession hit, she says she took it as an opportunity to buy stocks at fire-sale prices.

People who aim to be financially independent and possibly retire early have one thing in common.

They invest. Not only do they invest, they do it aggressively. They do it often.

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