/Planning For The Costs Of Your Funeral, Factors To Consider

Planning For The Costs Of Your Funeral, Factors To Consider

Article from LMS by LMS Staff

Thinking about mortality is never a pleasant experience, but planning for your own or your loved one’s funeral can be both necessary and beneficial. The last thing your family needs during a time of grief is a new financial burden. Today the cost of the average funeral runs between $7,000 to $15,000, an amount of money most families simply don’t have.

Some of the expense you or your loved ones may have to think about, from TheStreet.com:

Funeral homes will usually start with a basic “platform” cost of around $2,500.

This charge is for services that the family can’t decline, like the fee for the death certificate and handling the funeral arrangements. While this is the starting point for any funeral service, start checking around various funeral homes for their funeral service entry point costs, and compare those costs accordingly.

If you do decide to opt for a cremation service over a traditional burial service, expect the bottom-level costs to start at about $1,000 – that’s for a no-frills service.

With higher-end services, which include funeral home fees for handling the cremation, clearing the paperwork and providing the urn, the costs for cremation can rise significantly – as high as $8,000 for the highest-level cremation service.

All these costs may seem daunting, but experts say the best course of action is to shop ahead and prepay for things like headstones, caskets, and burial plots.