/Need a New Hobby? These Cost Little or Nothing to Get Started

Need a New Hobby? These Cost Little or Nothing to Get Started

A new hobby doesn’t need to cost a load of money. In fact, if you have time on your hands but no dollars, here are some satisfying hobbies you can pick up without breaking the bank.


Here’s a guide I made on getting started.

So I’m going to post a few links to help you. I would suggest starting them in the order I posted but they cover some of the same stuff and jump in skill level so feel free to jump between them as well as ask any questions you have on here. I’m always happy to answer.

First start hereĀ https://lichess.org/learn#/

I know the first link is stuff you say you know but it’s better to be sure. I suggest going all the way through advanced then moving to…


These videos cover most the things that will give you the advantage you need to win in a game of chess.

Then we’ll move over to beginner to chess master videos


I would watch at least the first 5 then after that it’s up to you how far you want to go with it.

So the above aren’t meant to be done in a day or at any particular pace just when you’re feeling it. Also I don’t think you need to do all of it to play I just wanted to make sure you good get to at least a level where you would understand the basics of positions and ideas in a game. You should be playing games in between the videos the easiest way to play is to download the apps or play on their website of either chess.Com or lichess.org. You will lose at least the first ten games but eventually it should find a place where you’re able to win 50% of your games or so and that will be your baseline and where you can start to watch yourself improve and your rating rise.

Lastly (wow this is a lot more than I intended) if you want to get good fast after all of the above then tactics problems and playing games are the two most important parts of improving early on. Both websites or apps have tactics on them.

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