/How To Save Money on Heat in the Polar Vortex

How To Save Money on Heat in the Polar Vortex

Last week, a polar votrex dumped a record frost on the United States. Temperatures reached below -20 Fahrenheit, with wind chills as low as -77.

In other words it’s cold.

And you probably need a way to save money on heat before all your hard-earned money burns up in the furnace.

Here’s Life Money Stuff’s top tips for keeping your heat (and money) in the house.

Dress Warm and Turn Down the Thermostat

Sure, this one may be a bit of a cop out–but it can save you big.

Each additional degree on your thermostat costs, on average, and additional 3% on your heating, according to alpscomfortair.com. So put on some warm socks and start saving money!

For an extra bonus, turn down your thermostat even further at night. What do you care? You’ll be asleep.And most modern thermostats can be pre-programmed to lower at night automatically.

Harness the Power of the Sun

Even if it’s -20 outside, the light of the sun can help keep your house warm.

Assuming you live in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is pretty much always south of you–and more so in the winter. To save on heat, keep your north-facing windows curtained at all times, but open your south-facing curtains during daylight hours. That way, the sun can warm your house during the day, and the curtains will keep that valuable warmth at night.

Turn Off Your Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

You know that fan in your bathroom that removes smells? Well it also removes your hard-earned warm air, and pumps it directly into the atmosphere, sucking cold outdoor air in through all the nooks and crannies.

Same goes for the fan over you kitchen stove. Use these fans minimally during the winter months. Your bill will thank you.