/Here’s How You Can Make Money By Losing Weight

Here’s How You Can Make Money By Losing Weight

Do you have few extra pounds? Would you like a few extra dollars instead?

One company will literally pay you up to $10,000 for losing weight. You place a bet on how much fat you think you can lose, and if you succeed, you cash in. It’s that simple.

ABC13 has more:

HealthyWage said it has paid out more than $10 million rewarding dieters like Norman for weight-loss success for more than one million pounds lost to date.

The company said it makes money through employers paying HealthyWage to power wellness challenges for employees, brands paying to connect with HealthyWage participants making life changes, and participants paying entry fees for the challenges.

The company allows you to bet and win up to $10,000 for achieving and maintaining weight loss goals as an individual or a group.

In [one man]’s case, he signed up for a $50 a month deduction on his credit card for six months for a total bet of $300. If he was able to achieve his weight loss goal and keep it off for 6 months, he would win the bet through HealthyWage which allows participants to win up to double their money.