/Could You Live Without a Smartphone for $100K?

Could You Live Without a Smartphone for $100K?

Do you need a break from your smartphone? And maybe you need a cool hundred grand as well?

Vitamin Water is offering 100 thousand dollars to one “lucky” winner if they can stay abstinent for a full year–not even touching a smart phone.

Contest officials say you can’t even touch somebody else’s smartphone during that time.

But if you make it a whole year, you’ll be rewarded handsomely. $100 thousand. Or if you only make it six months, they will still give you $10,000.

Still interested?

Make sure you craft your submission carefully. This is a contest–not a random drawing. Entrants will be judged according to the creativity, relevance, humor, and quality of their submission. And make sure you tag  #nophoneforayear and #contest to enter.

For more details, visit vitaminwater.com