/How Not to Let Money Ruin Your Relationship

How Not to Let Money Ruin Your Relationship

Money is one of the main reasons couples get divorced. It can be a huge stressor in any marriage or relationship.

So how do you navigate a relationship without letting money get in the way? It all comes down to compromise.

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Recognize that you’re each bringing different strengths, weaknesses and perspectives to your relationship.

“I think we have to stop trying to be right when it comes to money, and that’s really tricky because money is really tied to our most basic survival,” she says. Rather “think of it in terms if ‘I bring these pieces to our life, and my partner brings these other pieces to our life, how do we make these fit together as well as we can?’”

Rather than thinking there’s a right and wrong way to spend, save, or invest money, couples should work through why they’re feeling a certain way, together. There’s never a single right way to do anything, particularly with money.

“Money is such a wonderful tool for compromise, it really is,” she says. “If we stop saying like, ‘savings is good and spending is bad,’ or like, ‘you’re being a miser and you need to live for today,’ if we come out of these absolutes, there’s tremendous opportunity for us to say, ‘I need to save X, you want to spend Y, how can we negotiate with each other.’”