/Amazon Paying $15… But What’s the Real Story?

Amazon Paying $15… But What’s the Real Story?

Amazon’s new $15 minimum wage is making waves. But it turns out their employees are giving up a lot for this attention-grab.

Amazon’s announcement that it would raise its hourly minimum wage to $15 has been seen as a victory for workers. But some longtime employees say they are losing out on benefits.

CBS News reports:

Those who already made $15 will get an extra dollar an hour when the change is made next month, but they will also lose two benefits they relied on: monthly bonuses that could top hundreds of dollars and a chance to own Amazon’s sky-rocketing stock, currently worth nearly $2,000 a share.

The bonuses paid workers extra based on their attendance and warehouse productivity, while its restricted stock unit program gave shares to workers if they stayed with Amazon for a certain amount of years. Amazon says it will replace itwith a program next year that will allow workers to buy stock, but didn’t provide details.

At least four longtime workers, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity for fear they would be fired, said the $1 an hour raise would not make up for the lost benefits. The employees, all of whom work in different warehouses around the country, said the $15 minimum wage was great for new workers, but the math didn’t work out for those who have worked at Amazon’s warehouses for a few years.