/The Best Country to Invest In
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The Best Country to Invest In

What Country is the best to invest in? Well of course, that depends on the investment. But all else being equal, US. News came up with the BEST country for you to invest your dollars. The Philipines!

Business Insider reports:

To qualify as a country worthy of investment, certain standards must be met.

A World Bank Group report highlighted four factors — the country’s people, environment, relationships, and framework — that propel both individuals and corporations to invest in a given country’s natural resources, markets, technologies, or brands.

Guided by the report from the World Bank Group, U.S. News identified the best countries to invest in for 2018.

Last month, U.S. News released their 2018 Best Countries ranking. To determine the overall list, U.S. News surveyed over 21,000 people worldwide about 80 different countries, measuring them on 65 different attributes, including cultural influence, entrepreneurship, and quality of life.

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