/Rich Neighborhood Finds Unusual Solution to Bird Poop

Rich Neighborhood Finds Unusual Solution to Bird Poop

One wealthy neighborhood found an unusual answer the bird poop that kept landing on their expensive cars–they lined their trees with anti-bird spikes.

Independent reports:

Wealthy residents have attached ‘anti-bird spikes’ to trees in a bid to protect their expensive cars from droppings, outraging environmentalists.

The spikes – which are generally used to stop birds resting and building nests on ledges and nooks on buildings – were nailed to two trees in an exclusive part of Bristol.

The trees, located in the front gardens of privately owned flats in the Clifton area of the city, have been described by a local Green Party councilor as “literally uninhabitable to birds.”old at Auction: Multimillion-Dollar Wheels

One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed the spikes were “solely to protect cars”, which include a number of expensive BMWs and Audis, from bird droppings.

It’s unclear whether the bird-spikes are working, but it’s doubtful whether the environmental activists care.