/This is the Most Common Form of Fraud–Don’t Get Fooled By It

This is the Most Common Form of Fraud–Don’t Get Fooled By It

Every year, nearly one in ten Americans will lose money to the most common kind of scam: telemarketing fraud. And they lose over $40 BILLION per year.

And before you think you won’t be one of them, recognize that these fraudsters can be remarkably tricky.

Consumerprotect.com explains:

Telemarketing fraud happens when you are basically asked to act now or send money straight away in order to be able to access some sort of special offer. This information will be given to you over the telephone and the telemarketers can be very convincing. If you have been cheated over the telephone, it is very difficult to get your money back.

To protect yourself,  make sure you verify who is calling. Maybe ask for a call back number that you can verify.

You can ask for written copies of their terms and conditions. Legitimate companies can and should be willing to provide them. But scammers will balk.  And make sure you look the company up before you send money–no matter how legitimate it seems.

By taking proper care, you can protect yourself from telemarketing fraud.