/The 3 Best Side Hustles

The 3 Best Side Hustles

Side hustles aren’t new, but the gig economy has made them a mainstay. More than one-third of Americans now have a side hustle. Experts predict that as much as 50 percent of the U.S. economy will contain independent contractors by 2020.

So what are the best side hustles? Here are three quite lucrative ones:

#1: Driving Ride-Sharers

The emergence of Uber and Lyft has given millions of car-owners an opportunity to use their cars for personal profit. These drivers can earn hundreds of dollars in a single night through ride-sharing apps. Holidays like Halloween and New Year’s Eve can boost your earnings even more.

#2: Delivering Food

More restaurants are now partnering with Grubhub, DoorDash, and other apps for delivery services. That means you can use your car to deliver food for restaurants. Amazon Fresh and other online grocery options similarly enable you to deliver to stay-at-home shoppers. Bonus: You get tips!

#3: Renting Your Space

Airbnb racked up 100 million stays in 2017. One Airbnb host made $15 million in a single year.

If you have a property that’s ready to rent out, consider sharing it with others. You can stay at your primary residence and see the money pour in. There is cleaning and maintenance work involved, but it’s worth it.