/How to Save Hundreds on Health Care

How to Save Hundreds on Health Care

Deductibles. Co-pays. Premiums. Emergency room visits. Drug costs.

It goes without saying, but keeping yourself healthy is expensive work. Health care costs are so burdensome that many Americans are skipping doctor’s visits and treatments altogether to save money. Don’t fall into that trap—your budget isn’t more important than your health.

If you’re desperate to save money, here are several ways to do it—without compromising health:

  • Shop around for doctors and treatments. Not all doctors charge the same for an MRI or knee surgery. Doctors’ fee information is easily accessible on health insurance websites or third-party sites, such as Guroo.com and Amino.com. All you have to do is look.
  • Search for drugstore discounts. Kmart, Walmart, and other retailers offer hundreds of common generic drugs at low prices. Some drugs can be found for as little as $4. You should ask around for discount programs and specialty sales.
  • Ask you doctor how much a drug costs. Doctors generally don’t disclose the price of drug when they prescribe it to you. But they will tell you if you ask. If the cost is too high, the doctor may even suggest a cheaper alternative.

Don’t forget: Health care can be exponentially cheaper in Europe and Asia. If you’re planning a surgery or other invasive procedure, it may be cheaper to fly abroad and get the procedure done there.

Just do your research before pulling the trigger.