/Three Ways to Earn More at Your Job

Three Ways to Earn More at Your Job

Everyone wants a raise, but not everyone deserves one.

There’s more to getting a raise than working long hours or finishing all of your assignments on time. Don’t go into a salary review discussion with a victim mentality, blaming your cost of living or your boss for how much income you’re netting every month.

Instead, take time to truly understand the dynamics of your specific company. Here are three ways to do it:

#1: Know How Your Company Makes Money

To bring the most value to your employer, you first have to know how the company makes money. Look at the company from your CEO’s perspective, factoring in quarterly earnings, building expenses, and how much it costs to employ you and your coworkers.

Ask yourself: What differentiates your company from its competitors? Can you help the company gain an even greater competitive advantage? Or what’s holding the company back?