/Wasting Money on Food? Here are Three Ways to Save

Wasting Money on Food? Here are Three Ways to Save

When you’re food costs are high, there’s only one solution: Go homemade.

But there’s more to saving money on food than just bringing a lunch. It requires financial planning and the discipline to see it through.

You should set a goal of spending less than $10 a day—$50 a week—on food. Here’s how:

#1: Track How Much You Spend

Before you can start saving, you should know how much you’re spending. How can you cut food expenditures to $50 a week if you don’t know you’re spending $150 right now?

The average four-person family loses about $1,500 a year on wasted food, so you’re probably overbuying in some way. Crunch the numbers, and set a goal to cut gradually—from 25 percent to 50 percent.