/How to Beat Burnout at Work

How to Beat Burnout at Work

Working Americans are burnt out.

Roughly 50 percent of Americans claim they are often or always exhausted due to work. The U.S. burnout rate is 32 percent higher now than two decades ago.

There are several ways to beat burnout. For example, you can ask for other assignments at work to learn new skills and stay motivated. Workplace exhaustion is often the result of monotony—doing the same thing over and over again. Learning opportunities bring with them challenges, and force you to apply yourself in different ways to overcome them.

But you can also mitigate burnout through social interaction. Burnout is commonly associated with loneliness, whereby we isolate ourselves from coworkers and immerse ourselves in work projects rather than socializing.

Make time to network. Ask others about their workload or how their family is doing. Schedule weekly happy hours, or take a coworker out to lunch. When we interact with others, we inevitably become less lonely and more satisfied at work.

Isn’t work better when you like your coworkers? Well, the only way to like them is to talk to them.

Another trick is to practice being a leader in the office. Workplace satisfaction and professional development go hand in hand. If you’re not advancing in your career, you’re less likely to enjoy work.

Whether it’s leading by example or teaching coworkers tricks of the trade, positioning yourself as an authority in the workplace can erode your burnout. Even if you’re just the one scheduling work parties and happy hours, taking initiative will likely boost your satisfaction.

Get out there, and be social!