/Five Career Tips from Boeing’s CEO

Five Career Tips from Boeing’s CEO

When it comes to offering career advice, few are more qualified than the titans of industry—C-suite leaders who shot up the corporate ladder.

One of them is Dennis Muilenburg, chairman and CEO of Boeing, who began his career as an intern at the company. He recently shared one piece of advice per day:

Day 1: “First up, have the courage to work the tough assignments—the things that really make a difference.”

Day 2: “Embrace setbacks and learn from them. They build perseverance.”

Day 3: “Learned this one from my dad … hard work, integrity, how you treat others, how you respect your teammates … it all matters.”

Day 4: “Strive for a balanced life. Regular exercise and investing in my family and community make me a better leader.”

Day 5: “OK, last one … never stop learning. The best engineers continually ask questions and search for answers. Dream big, and do even more!”

His career trajectory is a valuable learning opportunity in itself. Even if you’re an intern or “lowly” entry-level employee at a large corporation, many before you have climbed the ranks to positions of power. Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer number of steps on the corporate ladder.

If you apply Muilenburg’s teachings, you too can become a manager, and a vice president, and so on. Just take your career one step at a time, learning every step along the way.