/Why Credit Card Debt is a Relationship Killer

Why Credit Card Debt is a Relationship Killer

Love is blind, or is it? Perhaps not when it comes to credit card debt.

According to Finder.com, more than three in four Americans consider too much debt a relationship deal-breaker. On average, the debt threshold becomes unacceptable at just under $12,000. CNBC has more:

Finder.com surveyed 2,000 Americans in October to find out which types of debt are undesirable in a partner. Credit card debt came out on top, followed closely by payday loans, and student debt.
In contrast, the types of debts most tolerable were business loans, home equity loans, and medical bills, Finder said.

With money at the root of a lot of relationship stress and arguments, it’s no surprise that a partner with credit issues can cause a significant strain and even a split. But that doesn’t mean everyone with credit card debt is doomed romantically.

If you’re in the red, you can benefit from choosing a payment strategy, weighing refinancing and assessing your budget.

Pay down debt, and see your love life flourish!