/Young and Inexperienced? Picture Yourself at 50

Young and Inexperienced? Picture Yourself at 50

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, the workplace can seem daunting. You’re naturally not versed on office etiquette and what it takes to move up the career ladder.

Wherever you work, professional success requires a little planning. Piyush Gupta, the CEO of the Southeast Asian bank DBS, shares his advice:

“The way to do it is to look outside in, or long to short,” Piyush Gupta said in an episode of CNBC’s “Life Hacks Live.”

“If you say I want to be an entrepreneur at the age of 40, then there’s certain skills you need to make sure you acquire by the time you’re 30 or 35.”

Gupta advised thinking about the kind of job you’d ultimately like to have aged 40 or 50, and then working out the role you would need to be in and the skills you would need to develop to get there. He suggested doing that in increments of around five years.

“As you work back, you start getting a range of possibilities about the exposure and experience you need to have to qualify for the next thing,” said Gupta.

The bottom line: Look at your working life incrementally, as one building block stacked on another. To get from Point A to Point B, figure out the tools you need—and acquire them.