/Why Sitting Near Your Boss Matters

Why Sitting Near Your Boss Matters

So you want to score a promotion at work. Believe it or not, where you sit in the office matters.

Employees who sit near their supervisor are more likely to form bonds with the boss and learn how senior executives behave.

If your boss is diligent and results-oriented, you can see how mimicking his or her behavior can catapult you up the corporate ladder. Because of proximity, your boss is more likely to note a job well done, as your mere presence reminds him or her of your valuable contribution to the company.

But there’s an obvious downside. If you’re not getting the job done, your boss will also notice that. Procrastination and laziness are easy to spot, and your promotion becomes that much more unattainable if your boss is forced to keep a watchful eye on you.

Don’t forget your positioning at meetings. Where you sit affects how people perceive you, while also impacting your ability to participate and stand out. Sitting in the back row of a crowded conference room makes it nearly impossible to be seen and heard by your superiors.

There is, of course, a fine line. Sitting near your boss can yield positive outcomes, but it may also stereotype you as overeager. Don’t lose the respect of your peers.

The best approach is to switch it up, and approach every day with a fresh mindset.