/Save Money Shopping with Local Apps

Save Money Shopping with Local Apps

Despite the rise of Amazon and other online options, millions of Americans spend their time shopping at local grocery stores and neighborhood malls. And most of them do it with a smartphone in hand.

You can use the apps on that smartphone to your advantage—and save money. Indiana-based Fox 59 has more:

The first app is called FLIPP, which helps you plan where you want to shop. For example, it has the deals from newspapers or deals you’ll find online. It delivers the circulars from more than 800 local retailers weekly.

“You can go ahead and flag those in advance and see what the circulars have. You can also see what are the weekly ads and actually flip through them and say, ‘OK, I want to stop here, here and here.’ It helps you make a game plan as you’re heading out to the stores,” said Steve Van Dinter, a tech expert with Verizon.

How about this saver? If you are already at the mall and haven’t planned ahead, there’s an app called RetailMeNot. As the name implies, it’s for people who don’t want to pay retail prices. It uses your GPS to know where you are, and where the savings are nearby.

“It’s a great app. All of a sudden your phone flags you and says, ‘Hey, did you know you can get 20% off here at JC Penney or $10 off a $30 purchase at Bath and Body Works?’” said Van Dinter.

And don’t forget mall-specific apps. Many shopping malls offer their own exclusive features, which allow you to hunt for discounts not offered elsewhere.